• Tiyatro Sinema Teknolojileri

    Complete Theater Stage Technologies Project supply
    Sofitas, Main Curtains, Rigging Systems, Fire Doors
    Theater constructional and decorational equipment
    Complete Cinema Technologies Project supply
    Masking Systems
    Curtain Systems
    Cinema Halls constructional and decorational equipment
    DENGE Manufacture Catering Truck, Lavatory Truck, Trailer Type Lavatory Service, Water Truck, Trailer Type Water Service, De-Icer Truck, Trailer Type De-Icer, Towbars, Maintenance Stair, Maintenance Platform, Sweeper Generator, Nitrogen Cart , Garbage Cart and Baggage Cart, Trailer Type Belt Conveyor, Mobil Conveyor, Container Dolly, Pallet Dolly, Pallet Rack and Baggage Handling Systems , Cargo Handling Systems, Container / Pallet Storage Systems, Theater and Cinema Technologies, Seaport Equipment also.